The National Laboratory for Housing and Sustainable Communities, is a multi-actor and inter-scientific organization with technical expertise for the management, technological development and innovation in supply and development of internal and external research and development services in the housing sector and sustainable communities .

Additionally, it is established as an entity whose installed capacity results in support for the training of high level human resources, linking the research, generation and application of knowledge which are peculiar.

In this sense, regional coverage indices of the Laboratory are significant, to recognize strengths, capabilities and regional resources under an organizational structure and complementary consortium.



The mission of the Laboratory is focused on the generation of collaborative links and synergies between public, private and social actors in areas related to urban-environmental, technology and innovation, design and projection, the economy and society heritage, all linkable to housing and sustainable urban communities. At the same time, his administration promotes the optimization of resources from the provision of services and solutions in the housing sector and its strategic issues under international accreditation standards and ranges of coverage at local, regional and national levels.



Be constituted as an intersectoral and multisectoral body, with technical and scientific expertise for the management and technological development, innovation and training of high-level human resources on fundamental issues of national sustainable housing and urban communities, with a projection of regional and international scope.